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Stop paying more and getting less

The LNP are slashing services for Brisbane Ratepayers


Tracey Price is Right for Brisbane

Tracey is a successful small business owner, a lawyer, and qualified mediator.

Tracey has experience in the community, running a sewing centre business, and a family law firm, in Brisbane over the past 10 years.

Tracey and her husband have 3 children and live on Brisbane’s Northside.

Tracey has a vision for Brisbane: more affordable housing, better and cheaper public transport and a focus on reducing the cost of living for every Brisbane resident.

Tracey is a strong leader who listens. Her leadership style is listen, then act. She believes when people give each other respect and work together great things can happen.

Tracey is a passionate community activist, she has volunteered her time supporting domestic and family violence charities, women's shelters, disability advocacy groups and her local school community. She jumps in and uses her skills to help those who need it in our community.

Tracey is standing up for the suburbs

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